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Did you know that this year you you’ll have peed enough to fill two large bathtubs? That’s a lot of pee!

So a recipient sent me a rather interesting article regarding kidney stones yesterday. As many of you know, kidney disease kills many people around the world yearly. In fact, in the US alone, kidney disease is the 9th leading cause of death. Most people don’t even know they have it. 

So this study I received regarded the passing of kidney stones. To preface the study, kidney stones develop when certain chemicals from your urine bond and build up until they become a stone. Some stones don’t detach from the kidney wall until they become too large to pass, requiring surgery. 

The study was conducted by Urological Surgeon Wartinger. To his surprise, many of his patients reported that they passed kidney stones on roller coasters. This gave him an idea.

So he gathered every kidney stone ridden aardvark and put them on a roller coaster. Totally kidding, that’s not how he did it. Wartinger 3D printed a silicone kidney and filled it with real kidney stones and urine (whose urine? No idea). With permission from Disney World in Orlando, Wartinger and his colleague safely stowed the kidney model in a backpack and rode thunder mountain 60 times. After each ride, they would count the number of kidney stones “passed” and re-attach them to the kidney wall before going on the next ride. The results were surprising.

They found that when the rider sat in the front of the rollercoaster, stones were passed 16.67% of the time. However, when riding in the back, the riders would pass s stone 63.89% of the time! If that’s not incredible I don’t know what is. 

Kidney stones often cause so much pain that the passing can involve a visit to the hospital. But now, for a lower price, those with kidney stones have a relatively efficient, and somewhat fun, method to remove them.

Challenge of the Day: use the word urinate. The funnier the situation, the more participation points you get. Come tell me!

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Written by Caleb Gibbons

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  1. Ok slightly off track but in my animal behavior class we learned that African Bull Frogs hold 1/3 of their body weight in their bladder! Just wanted to share that fact

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