The Final Morning Text: A Pissed Off American

The website expires next week so this will be my final post. Feel free to leave comments below. Thanks for reading. 

The Final Morning Text

I’m angry at our nation.

We’re supposed to be better than this. We fought several wars to SAVE people from the exact thing that a small faction of Americans are fighting to bring back. Worse, it doesn’t stop at the small faction. Those are only the extremists.

People like our President are those who sadden me the most because they unveil the reality of how vast this evil truly is. The mere toleration of this bigotry is nearly as evil as the act itself. People I know aren’t just tolerating but also subtly defending it in their words and in their actions. The fact that people I personally know are supporting our President’s initial response to the display of such egregious racism is infuriating. After several occurrences, like that horrific rally, I’m watching as our nation’s values are thrown into a time of immense pressure and tumult. People’s true colors show in times of great pressure like this, and I’m not liking what I see.

Trump’s campaign statement was “Make America Great Again.” Of course America wasn’t great for everyone. The racism, the bigotry and the dirty hooks our society threw are exactly what blot and tarnish our history and take away from the grand ideal our nation stood for. The United States of America was once an emblem that represented those that aspired to something greater. Renowned individuals of every color, gender, creed and predisposition aspired to bring about great change in the world time and time again. America wasn’t great because white men held the power. It was great because it stood for freedom, unwavering valor, and most importantly progress. Somewhere across the dirty landscape of our history we foolishly turned our backs. Through the toleration of this great depravity, we allowed the exact thing we as a nation hated most to slip past. That thing is what is embodied by these white supremacists, nationalists, NeoNazis, alt-right individuals and those that defend or tolerate them. It shakes my very soul to see the US flag on the shirts of those that attend these anti-American events. I want to go up to every one of them and say “You don’t deserve that flag. Take it off now.”

I want to punch a Nazi in the face as hard as the characters in comic strips of World War II did. I want to stand up to a firehose as I scream “Desegregate Us” in the face of the government from which I must protect my fellow Americans. I want to stand at the foot of a towering skyscraper as Pulitzer looks down his nose at me from atop his pile of money and demand that he level the playing field because I’m an American and I deserve a chance. Give me liberty or give me death!

To the individual that supports or tolerates the acts and views of this faction residing within our borders: How dare you call yourself an American.

To the alt-right, to the NeoNazis, to the white supremacists, to the Nationalists and to the various other disgusting creatures that plague our beautiful nation, hear you this. Whether you stand in daylight or hide in shadow your bigotry and your evil will not go without resistance. Whether you are met by a Police baton or a pen on paper you will be stopped. We will see that justice is met and our fellow Americans are safe. Do not entertain even the most lackluster fantasy of success because in the moment you do we will have already gotten closer to overpowering you and putting your ideals to bed. The same bed which sleeps those that caused our history to resemble less a piece of art and more a Rorschach test. The bed to which your ideals should have been confined hundreds of years ago.



A pissed off American.


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  1. That was an amazing production of thought into compelling words. I myself don’t know how to stand, knowing that to some effect I am in a pseudo playing field. The bigotry of all is the assumption of few, but how will we know these ideals to be true unless tested by the grey matter of human nature. To be greater is what a nation needs to pursue. In ethics and political disputes, there lies the individuals own knowledge influenced by their environment and region. So we should start with the schools and from the get go tell the truth. The ugly dirty truth so that no one can be arrogant to this nation’s shady past

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